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How To Keep Leads From Getting Stuck In The Middle Of The Sales Funnel | MarketingLand

By Madison Logic Team

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Did you know that a whopping 79 percent of leads never convert? 79 percent! That

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is 4/5ths of your potential revenue down the drain. All that money and effort spent generating those leads? Also down the drain. That should be a wakeup call: the industry at large needs to reexamine how it approaches lead generation to reduce that waste and boost actual conversions.

As most marketers know, generating leads is relatively easy. Hundreds of quality leads can be drummed up with trade shows, search campaigns or content syndication.

But then what?

That 79 percent of non-converting leads often gets stuck in the ether between generation and the hand off to the sales team. That post-generation period is extremely crucial

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because, just like a car depreciates in value the second you drive it off the lot, leads depreciate in value every second they go unattended. Even if you use marketing automation tools, leads can fail to progress through the funnel.

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