Intent Data: Premium Fuel for Marketing Automation | Digital Marketing Magazine

By Nick Price

Digital Marketing Magazine
Marketing automation has helped brands make incredible strides in B2B marketing. The aim of automated marketing is to create, track and optimize campaigns, allowing marketers to generate leads and guide these prospects swiftly and efficiently through the sales funnel. While automation platforms once relied heavily on email, they are now becoming truly multi-channel and multi-screen tools. However, marketing automation platforms are not a silver bullet solution.
Companies that are currently using top-shelf automation platforms can experience the same shortcomings that have plagued marketers using platforms that are scaled for smaller businesses. One such drawback – and it’s a big one – is that most leads that make it into the automation funnel become dormant and never interact with the brand again. Some of the marketers we have spoken to have told us that as much as 90% of their leads in MA are dormant and most of they have only had one interaction with them. Meaning they were dead on arrival.
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Nick Price

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