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IndustryBrains Founder, Erik Matlick, Launches Madison Logic

By Madison Logic Team

The industry’s first ad serving platform for lead generation.

New York, April 20th, 2009 – Erik Matlick, founder of IndustryBrains a site specific pay per click ad network and MediaBrains, a buyer’s guide platform for business publishers, announced today that he has launched Madison Logic, the world’s first full service lead generation ad serving platform called LeadFocus(TM).

With lead generation, which is seeing steady growth compared to other online mediums, advertisers produce whitepapers, webinars, and other research to use as marketing tools for attracting potential sales leads. LeadFocus(TM) makes it easy for publishers to offer lead generation programs to advertisers and helps advertisers more easily target the publisher audiences. The proprietary advertising and lead generation/delivery platform provides a full service suite of tools, including ad serving via contextual and behavioral targeting, inventory management, reporting, analytics and lead delivery/management for publishers and advertisers.

The technology employs complex algorithms to place the right advertiser in front of the right buyer in real-time, thus delivering the highest yield on every page view. Publishers can now focus on selling their own performance programs without having to qualify, manage or deliver leads. Existing programs do not create enough critical mass of traffic, advertisers or breadth of users that are needed to accelerate growth for the industry. Madison Logic’s LeadFocus(TM) ad serving platform presents a much needed alternative to the current one-dimensional approach to buying and selling lead gen campaigns.

In a 12-month ramp up to launch Madison Logic has already licensed its platform to dozens of media companies including: PC Magazine, iMediaConnection, ClickZ, Sourceforge, DMNews, Security Focus, and many others. These premium sites, coupled with the LeadFocus(TM) ad server, provide advertisers the optimal solution to reach key decision makers for any type of asset from web site content, to e-newsletters, and dedicated email blasts.

“We have approached the emerging market need for lead generation advertising with a technology that optimizes every opportunity to generate a quality lead within publisher’s web content,” says Mr. Matlick, who serves as the company’s CEO. “We are using best practices from contextual and behavioral advertising and blending it with traditional ad serving principles. Now publishers are able to offer lead generation advertising without the headache of managing it.”

“Our goal as an online publisher is to maximize revenue for every page view, present a wide breadth of effective marketing opportunities for our advertisers and offer relevant content to our users,” says Jason Young, CEO of Ziff Davis Media. “This requires a versatile and powerful infrastructure that will allow us to scale with minimal strain on our resources. Madison Logic’s LeadFocus platform is clearly the new face of lead generation and we are delighted to be a partner.”

Among the outside early-stage investors in Madison Logic are: William J. Benedict, Jr., founder and CEO of Alpine Meridian; SoftBank Capital’s Mike Perlis; Geoff Judge, an investor in early stage companies and an active member of The NY Angels; Mark Walsh, the Chief Technology Advisor for the Democratic National Committee and former Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of VerticalNet, Inc.; Internet Capital Group’s Ivan Inerfeld and Elke Wong, who serves as the company’s COO and also former co-founder of IndustryBrains. Erik Matlick, also an investor, oversees all of Madison Logic’s business operations. He has over 15 years of strategic leadership and management experience in media & e-businesses. Prior to founding Madison Logic, Mr. Matlick founded IndustryBrains, which was acquired by Marchex, Inc. Prior to founding IndustryBrains, Mr. Matlick was the President and Founder of MediaBrains where he was responsible for the company vision, leadership, growth, and fund raising. He created over 100 partnerships with media companies including McGraw-Hill, Time Inc., Ziff-Davis Media, and American Express. Prior to MediaBrains, he served as an Ad Sales Manager for Ziff-Davis Publishing working on PC Computing and Windows Sources Magazines. Mr. Matlick is also on the Board of Fetchback, an innovative behavioral targeting technology company.

Madison Logic Team

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