IBM, Apple’s Rival-Turned-Partner, Plans to Help Other Companies Adopt Macs

By Nick Price

Things are looking different inside IBM, too. Once a company of blue suits, Wintel personal computers and BlackBerrys, Big Blue is on track to become the world’s largest corporate user of MacBooks. On Wednesday, the company began to apply lessons it has learned, introducing a service intended to help other companies adopt Macs.

Employing 380,000 workers, IBM has a unique challenge in competing with nimble Silicon Valley startups in the market for information-technology services, which research firm Gartner Inc. IT 3.14 % estimates at $981 billion globally. According to IBM Chief Information Officer Jeff Smith, the question facing the company is: “Can we have the innovation of the best, smallest companies and the scale of IBM, and figure out a way to turn culture into a competitive advantage?”

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Nick Price

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