Financial Marketers Benchmark Survey

By Nick Price

Madison Logic partnered with the Gramercy Institute to conduct a survey (January 2015) of over 100 financial professionals to gain insight on the usage and effectiveness of digital marketing to financial professionals.
The survey was administered and collected through an interactive portal in both 2012 and 2015.
Major findings include:

  1. Marketing has become more strategically important in business than ever before.
  2. The use of “gut instinct” is becoming a thing of the past as technology has created better processes for marketing.
  3. CRM data and ad targeting have transformed how marketing is conducted, but is a challenging process.
  4. With the use of new technologies, media measurements have become much effective at providing customer insights.
  5. A lack of internal expertise and a leadership culture that undervalues data analysis are major inhibiting factors to understanding marketing ROI.

The results were compiled by the Gramercy Institute and Madison Logic.

Nick Price

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