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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.


By Nick Price

Aug. 6, we hosted a 45-minute webinar to address, what else? Account-based marketing of course! We invited Ted Kohnen, managing director at global B2B digital and integrated marketing agency Stein IAS, to share his insights and experiences with ABM and how it helps drive higher marketing and sales performance.
Our VP of Media Sales, Tom Koletas, moderated the discussion between Kohnen and Amit Varshneya, head of ABM Strategy at Madison Logic. During the webinar, Amit and Ted offered an overview of the emerging, or more accurately, re-emerging ABM space, including marketers’ opinions, pain points and recommended best practices.
This webinar was the first installment in a series of webinars delving into account-based marketing—a hot topic among B2B marketers, 90 percent of whom believe ABM to be an important engagement tool. To further illustrate the interest in ABM, Amit kicked things off with a quick poll of the webinar attendees’ familiarity with and actual implementation of ABM. Results bore out the general trend we have seen among most B2B marketers—“We know what ABM is and we believe it to be important, but we haven’t implemented it yet and we’re not entirely sure where to start.”
Fortunately, Amit went on to provide practical advice on how to do just that. He outlined the basics of selecting target accounts based on their value as well as how to calculate that value, identifying key decision makers and influencers at each account in order to define the scope of the program including goals, strategies, execution and metrics. He addressed the vital importance of aligning sales and marketing teams to support ABM goals by eliminating information silos and creating operational efficiencies.
Amit also walked through the available tools and technologies to help marketers engage their targets and emphasized the importance of intent data to fuel those platforms. Instead of relying on less accurate targeting criteria like job titles and demographics, B2B marketers can harness intent data to zero in on in-market prospects, their spheres of influence and when and how to engage them as they move through the funnel. Or simply: “targeting the right people at the right accounts at the right time.”
Ted then offered the veteran ABM practitioner’s perspective, providing real-life insight and experiences from his many years of running ABM programs for major brands across myriad industries. He offered practical advice on how to use data to hone your messaging and tailor it to each individual target persona, providing a framework for creating different types of content and mapping them to objectives for each account.
Ted wrapped up by sharing a case study that showed ABM in action, illustrating the various tactics and approaches they recommended for building an ABM program and mounting an intent data-driven campaign. SPOILER ALERT! Results were impressive. You can check them out yourself; view the webinar on-demand here.

Stay tuned for the next in our series of webinars supporting the launch of our account-based marketing offering, Activate ABM titled “Intent is Everything: How Intent Topics Drive Engagement and Maximize Marketing Impact” taking place at 2 PM ET on Sept. 30 with guest speaker Lori Wizdo, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, & Tom Koletas, SVP Advertising Programs at Madison Logic.

Madison Logic’s Account Based Marketing suite, powered by the largest, most sophisticated intent data, gives marketers the ability to identify which companies and decision makers have explicitly or implicitly indicated intent toward their offerings and then targets them precisely via access to 260 million decision makers.
Through Activate ABM, marketers can now utilize intent data to define company targets, retarget website visitors and employ predictive targeting. Additionally, marketers can identify topics that are resonating with their audiences, vastly improving content-driven marketing campaign results.

Nick Price

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