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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Encore Video: How Account Based Marketing is Like Dating

By Madison Logic Team

In the last few days, hundreds of people have watched our ABM video, How Account Based Marketing is Like Dating. We produced it 6 months ago, so when Google Analytics showed us the spike in traffic, we were pretty surprised. We were even more surprised when Vimeo revealed that most of those who watched the video watched it all the way to the end. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, it’s a good video! Take a look and decide for yourself.

Transcript: Let’s talk about relationships. When you’re young, you’re not taking things too seriously. You “play the field” and aren’t necessarily searching for that “special someone.”
However, as you get older, you start thinking long term. You’re more selective; you consider a whole other set of characteristics. And if you think about it, this is exactly what you’re doing as a b2b marketer.
Some b2b marketers don’t discriminate about their leads. They blast their message to everybody in their ecosystem, hoping something sticks. Others are more serious about their lead generation, choosing accounts and targeting to job titles that match their criteria.
Still others are even more selective, using Account Based Marketing to seek out only the accounts that are expressing interest in them and ultimately saving them time and money.
ABM brings focus and efficiency of targeting the accounts you want, but it’s more even more complex. When you’re dating for a serious purpose, you try make connections that can light up an interaction and forge a deeper relationship.
It’s true of Account Based Marketing too. The average size of today’s buying committee is more than five individuals at multiple functional levels. Directors. Managers. The CIO. The CMO. All these folks have a say in the purchasing decision, so you need to connect with them all if you are to build a strong relationship.
But how? Target this group by IP and you will reach them, but you’re wasting the message on the hundreds of others who share that IP. Target them by job title and you’ll risk missing the crucial individual who is the likely entry point for your message.
By using Intent Data you can avoid chasing down ideal accounts when they aren’t exhibiting any interest in you. Instead, you can concentrate on the accounts interested in you and forge relationships with the people at those accounts who are making the purchasing decisions.
So, forget about chasing the people who aren’t interested in you.  There are plenty of fish in the sea, and Account Based Marketing can help you catch the ones who are truly compatible.
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Madison Logic Team

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