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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Connecting with Customers in a Meaningful Way

By Nick Price

One of the great challenges of B2B lead generation is focusing your marketing and sales efforts at the vertical level. It is time consuming, and costly to reach your potential buyers within the industry information sources they use to do their jobs.
Madison Logic has been able to attract B2B buyers across a wide array of verticals by partnering with quality publishers. Coupled with our best in class ad serving platform, LeadFocus (also the name of this very blog),  B2B marketers and lead vendors now rely on Madison Logic to provide quality leads within all major verticals, including Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Electronics, Business/Finance, Heathcare and Education.
Key benefits of going vertical with Madison Logic
Quality Sites
We attract an active business buyer audience because our content and user experience are optimized to support the business purchasing process. Reach over 60 million business professionals on hundreds of top brand-name websites.
Full transparency
Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by vertical topic with detailed analytics and reporting. In addition to optimizing by vertical, advertisers will know where every lead came from.

Streamline ad targeting to multiple audiences
Easily create, target, and execute ad campaigns within minutes. The key to successful marketing within specific verticals is to make sure your assets and offers speak directly to the buyers within that industry.

Nick Price

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