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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Can Instagram Be A B2B Channel?

By Nick Price

B2B marketers have long placed Instagram low on their priority list of social media channels, and with good reason. Most people view Instagram as a photo-sharing site used primarily by celebrities and their dog-loving cousin. But some changes to Instagram may cause B2B marketers to rethink that strategy.
The website recently relaxed its “square” rule and now enables users to post landscape and portrait images. This applies to videos as well as images, expanding the options for marketers. The cover of an E-book, infographic or slide no longer has to be crammed into a square.
But the site’s expanded search and explore features, which were rolled out a little more quietly a few months ago, could really be a game-changer for B2B marketers looking to explore this channel. Instagram’s rudimentary search capabilities, which had hampered many users, just got a lot better. Users can now search for accounts, hashtags and places — all displayed within one set of results.
Some thoughts on how B2B marketers might expand their use of Instagram:

  • Tease a new product introduction with an image or video;
  • Share some pictures from the city where they’re holding an event to give attendees an idea of what they can do in their downtime;
  • Promote infographics, research and other content; or
  • Post a compelling slide from a recent presentation.

Is Instagram going to overtake LinkedIn as a social channel for B2B marketers? Not likely. But why do what everyone else is doing? With these new search features, it could get a little easier for prospects to find your content on Instagram, and that’s what really matters.
This article was originally written by Kim Ann Zimmermann and originally appeared in the Demand Gen Report Blog. You can read that article here.

Nick Price

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