Boost Conversions and Revenue With Effective Lead Generation

By Madison Logic Team



Among the top priorities of any B2B organization is lead generation, but there is a big difference between generating leads and generating leads that actually convert to customers and revenue. There is enormous disparity among B2B companies when it comes to lead generation practices; many waste money on unqualified leads or fail to nurture the qualified ones, and a shockingly large number have not even identified their sales funnel.

When developing lead generation strategies, benchmarks and budgets, many marketers make the mistake of thinking, “if we can just identify the lead, we’re just a step away from the sale,” but the truth is there are multiple steps and touch points between identifying leads and closing the sale. The fact is, the bulk of leads die on the vine, but so many marketers continue to throw more money into generating leads versus investing in smart lead nurturing technology that actually converts.

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Madison Logic Team

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