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Behavioral Targeting Through Online Display Advertising

By Nick Price



We recently came across an interesting article posted by the Sirius Decisions Blog about lead retargeting in the B2B space. Here’s a response from SVP of Lead Programs, Tom Koletas:

You can check out the original article here.


You raise a lot of good points about the impact that re-targeting can have on B2B advertising. B2B marketers are yearning for ways to make display advertising an effective tool to deliver relevant content to prospects beyond the calling and e-mailing that they currently use. At Madison Logic, we have developed a tool we call Lead Targeting that helps them accomplish that.

We know that dropping cookies off of B2B sites does not generate enough scale to have meaningful impact, so you are right to point out there are other options like “data capture’ banners and IP targeting to add scale. At Madison Logic, our core business is providing a lead gen platform used by B2B publishers (LeadFocus) that want to offer lead gen to their advertisers. As a result, millions of B2B buyers have passed through our platform and have been cookied for ad serving purposes. That allows us to effectively re-target a marketer’s actual leads. Leads from trade shows, direct mail and of course, content syndication. Additionally we can identify buyers in key organizations that the marketer does not currently have in their database to ad reach (Influencers). The key difference with our program is that we can also target by the topic of an asset that the B2B buyer has interacted with. For example, if a

marketer gives us the e-mail addresses of the top 50,000 contacts in their database we can target them, add the other influencers within those companies and even add “look a likes” (similar companies/job titles/indsustries, etc), all of whom have downloaded assets or attended web events on topics relevant to the marketer’s products.

The marketer is then effectively re-targeting their actual leads, not just blind cookied surfers.

There is a webinar that explains more with Eric Wittlake here –

Tom Koletas
SVP Lead Programs
Madison Logic, Inc


Nick Price

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