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Are you targeting the right buyers? Download the State of the Buyer Report: Future of Work Edition.

Advanced Analytics for Smarter Lead Nurturing

By Madison Logic Team

Tools designed to track behavioral activity of potential prospects and influencers and also provide messaging during the evaluation and buying stages.

London, October 11th, 2012 – Madison Logic, the top provider of data, lead generation and nurturing solutions for enterprises and media companies, today introduces two new products for marketers and sales people: Data Match® Behavioral Analytics and Data Match® Lead Retargeting.

Data Match® Behavioral Analytics is designed to analyze buyer intent behavior and push data into marketing automation systems and CRM systems; while Data Match® Lead Retargeting can be used to target prospects with multi-touch marketing tools.

Used in combination, Madison Logic’s new products offer an unmatched form of lead nurturing that allows businesses to target buyers and influencers along the buying process from a pool of over 20 million users.

“In the last month and at Dreamforce, we previewed Data Match Behavioral Analytics and Retargeting to our existing customers and they were excited to start building campaigns with the products,” said Erik Matlick, CEO of Madison Logic. “The marketing software industry is expanding and companies are looking for smarter, more aggressive tools to bolster their demand generation initiatives. These two new products from Madison Logic are unrivaled in the industry.”

Over 400 publishers use Madison Logic’s Lead Focus platform today to target prospects in the technology, energy, marketing, healthcare, manufacturing, government, business & finance, human resources, retail, e-commerce and construction verticals.

Commenting on the launch, Paul Woods, Managing director of Madison partner, said: “Marketing automation is an important part of our offering and is a crucial growth business. At Astute we are already managing instances of Eloqua and Marketo. By using Madison’s new Data Match Product we will add an extra layer of behavioural analytics and intelligence to our marketing automation platform.

This is going to be really valuable for us and our customers as it will give unique intent data about a user that will make further profiling and nurturing efforts more accurate.”

“We are very excited to be a launch partner for Data Match in the UK as no-one else is providing this kind of real-time analysis on the same scale as Madison can offer.

“Madison Logic’s new offerings add two key tools to the B2B marketing toolbox. First, this finally gives marketers a view into the full spectrum of content their prospects are interacting with. Second, it extends the idea of behavioral targeting, a staple in B2C marketing, to data that B2B marketers really care about,” said Eric Whitlake, Sr. Director of Media at Babcock & Jenkins, a B2B marketing agency. “These are big, and much needed, changes in the B2B marketing landscape.”

Madison Logic Team

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