Ad-blocking in the U.K.

By Madison Logic Team

The Internet Advertising Bureau just released its UK Ad Spending Report revealing that 18% of British Adults are block ads. The report found that 57% of these ad blockers said their goal was to block all ads; 20% said they downloaded an ad blocker to block certain types of ads from certain websites.
As in the U.S., British Internet users say that they’d be less likely to block ads if they didn’t interfere with what they were doing (48%) while one in seven said they would be less likely to block ads if they were more relevant.
Nonetheless, Britons aren’t ready to pay for content. Sixty-one percent of them said they would prefer free ad-supported access to their preferred content rather than have to pony up the pounds.
“[A key tactic to reducing ad blocking might be] making consumers more aware of the consequences – what we call the “value exchange.” If more people realise content is only free because ads pay for it, then fewer people will be inclined to block ads,” said the IAB UK’s CEO, Guy Phillipson.

Madison Logic Team

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