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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Activate ABM™ v2.0 Beta: Frequently Asked Questions

By Madison Logic Team



Why does my program show impression numbers that are lower than what has actually been delivered?

  • General Exception: As an industry norm, display advertising totals are seldom an exact number. Given the high-volume of real-time data involved that must be processed, there are generally some rounding differences (of less than 3%) that will be experienced. This results in the number of total impressions delivered to be a small % less than what was delivered.
  • Missing data: When deploying the new Activate ABM™, some historical data was lost. Madison Logic retrieved as much of the historical data as it could, however, some of the history was not recoverable.

    Programs active before November 6, 2016 may be missing as much as 10% of their impression totals in the new Activate ABM™. This is merely a reporting issue and is not a delivery issue.


Why does this program show targeting number X, when I know my Display portion was targeting Y and my Lead Gen portion was targeting Z?


  • Total Accounts Targeted is the total number of unique targeted accounts between both lead generation and display. It is the unique set of accounts across both media channels. If there are common accounts in both channels, then that account will only be counted once.
  • Total Accounts Targeted reflects the total number of unique accounts that have been targeted throughout the history of the program. Changing accounts or lists may cause this number to be much larger than the current set of targeted accounts.


Why do certain buttons not work on my browser?


  • Please ensure you are using Google Chrome. At this time, chrome is the only browser in which all functionality has been tested (all browsers will be supported at the end of the beta).

  • The share feature currently ONLY works in Chrome.


Why is one of my creatives displaying as an “inactive creative”?


  • When new features were deployed, like asset level reporting, our system didn’t have transaction data or image thumbnails available for assets that were no longer in use. As new assets are de-activated, Madison Logic will now store the historical record of those assets. This way, we will be able to offer reporting and thumbnails for all assets (active and inactive).


What do the numbers in the URL represent?


  • The two 4-digit numbers at the end of the URL are the client ID and the program ID, respectively. If you are reporting an issue, please provide these numbers (or the URL). This will help us troubleshoot the problem.


I have my own site visit counter. Why is the ML platform only showing a fraction of the site visits that occurred on a particular day?


  • Our site tag provides view through attribution from targeted accounts. This is a way of validating your media’s ability to drive engagement from your target accounts.


I see some data in Account 360 that seems inaccurate. Why is that?


  • Account 360 is still in development. We have exposed it so that you may poke around and give feedback. However, the data it contains is not expected to be fully accurate until a later date.
  • Account 360 displays accounts across ALL programs for the last 12 months. When you click on the Accounts tab (at top of dashboard), this is what you will see.
  • If you click on the View Accounts button, in the Summary window of any report panel, it will redirect you to the list of accounts just for that program.

Madison Logic Team


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