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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Account-Based Marketing is Making a Comeback: Are You Ready?

By Nick Price

Microsoft Dynamics content marketing strategist Jean K. Spencer claims that ABM is “making a comeback,” though some would argue that it never left. But like many 90s trends, ABM has definitely become popular again. 90 percent of B2B marketers surveyed believe ABM to be an important engagement tool.
As Spencer points out, the difference between the ABM of the 1990s and that of today is scale, facilitated by a variety of new technologies. These new tools enable advanced segmentation, personalized multichannel campaigns and advanced analytics that can significantly improve results. Thanks to big data and real-time analytics, the same team that once used ABM to land a single account can now target thousands just as accurately.
Additionally, these new data management technologies have streamlined processes and driven new strategies that can supercharge ABM programs. For instance, location-based marketing can be a valuable lead generation tactic for ABMers; campaigns that are hyper-focused on the locations that you know your audience is searching from are more likely to generate high-quality leads.
AdAge’s Kate Maddox also points out how today’s data management capabilities enable ABMers to focus on heavy research into their key account decision-makers’ pain points in order to answer them, and deliver a consistent storyline relevant to each target and each stage of the customer journey. This will keep everyone in your sales and marketing teams on the same page, which, as we’ve said, is vital to ABM success.
Although certain challenges still remain, it’s clear that ABM is on its way to becoming a standard practice for B2B marketers; are you prepared to keep up?
On Wednesday, Sept. 30, we’ll be hosting the second in our series of webinars on ABM, supporting the launch of our ActivateABM suite of tools. This time, we’re focusing on the importance of intent data, providing expert commentary from Forrester’s Lori Wizdo. Webinar presenters will walk through best practices and innovative data strategies that can help you take your organization’s sales and marketing to the next level.
To learn more and register for the webinar, please visit the event page, and if you’d like a refresher on the basics of ABM and how to implement your own program, check out our first webinar – Making ABM Work For You.
Madison Logic’s Account Based Marketing suite, powered by the largest, most sophisticated intent data, gives marketers the ability to identify which companies and decision makers have explicitly or implicitly indicated intent toward their offerings and then targets them precisely via access to 260 million decision makers.
Through ActivateABM, marketers can now utilize intent data to define company targets, retarget website visitors and employ predictive targeting. Additionally, marketers can identify topics that are resonating with their audiences, vastly improving content-driven marketing campaign results.

Nick Price

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