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Are you targeting the right buyers? Download the State of the Buyer Report: Future of Work Edition.

Account Based Marketing Brings Sales & Marketing Teams Together for Strategic Collaboration

By Nick Price

Bringing sales and marketing teams together into the same room is becoming more important to B2B marketers, in order to create coordinated experiences that are better for the buyer. According to Sirius Decisions, B2B organizations in which sales and marketing teams collaborate, saw revenues grow 24 percent faster, and have profited 27 percent more than companies that haven’t had that level of department alignment, over the past three years.
Account-based marketing (ABM) is at the root of this collaboration. This should come as no surprise, since 80 percent of revenues tend to come from just 20 percent of your client base. Sirius Decisions found that 92 percent of companies report that ABM is a B2B marketing must-have. However adoption isn’t as high as you would think. The report revealed that only 20 percent of these companies have actually had full programs in place for more than a year. Still, more than 60 percent of these companies plan to invest in ABM technology.
When sales and marketing teams come together and collaborate around an ABM strategy, B2B marketers are positioned to sell in a contextual and personalized way. By reaching out to specific individuals within target accounts, ABM offers B2B marketers the ability to learn about the buyers and deliver highly relevant content to these people at the appropriate timing.
It is important that marketers and their sales teams collaborate in order to accomplish this. The last thing you want to do is to bombard the same people at the same company over and over and over again, which will tire your customers. Instead, you want to focus on building long term relationships that understand their needs, and help them do their job more effectively.
This starts with great content. Your marketing team should be focused on developing content that speaks to the buyer’s needs. This content should create value for buyers and make them appreciate the interaction. Once you’ve presented target accounts with valuable information, it is important to focus on which players within these accounts should receive which messaging. This will require a strong ABM partner.
When shopping for an ABM service provider, B2B marketers should keep their eyes out for several elements. First, the solution should offer a unified platform. You need one single, unified platform that provides all of the essential components for ABM with capabilities for account targeting and management, personalization, cross-channel engagement and revenue-based account analytics. This platform allows you to streamline the business process and identify and target the right audience at the right time with coordinated messages across all channels.
In addition, the tool should be able to integrate well with other tools that you are already using. Consider your business goals and then look at how the ABM platform will work in conjunction with the other technology that your company has in place to help you achieve these goals. You should only use a solution that complements what you are already using for account data, company insights, competitive intelligence, predictive software, content marketing, direct mail and event management.
Finally, make sure that the platform that you select allows you to coordinate campaigns across channels. A good ABM platform will allow you to cross pollinate your outreach efforts and deliver the message whether it is via email, webinar, social media or video.
ABM has the power to turn existing customers into even more committed clients that use more of your services. But in order to buyers to take such a deep interest, you must create value which requires collaboration between sales and marketing and the right platform.

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Nick Price

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