A Market of One: Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in B2B

By Nick Price


Megan Heuer, VP at SiriusDecisions said, “If you believe ABM success is measured only in lead volume… think again. ABM is about influence.” B2B decision-making is a group sport. In fact, enterprise purchase decisions are rarely made by an individual. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) operates with this premise. Working hand in hand with sales, you identify and profile a specific set of target companies in depth. Then you develop tailored plans to uncover the influencers within the corporate walls and radiate out from there to reach decision makers on their own turf. It’s essentially high touch marketing that is inherently not a scale play. Rather, it’s about treating a small set of highly valuable customers as a market of one, allowing you to get hyper-targeted with content that is highly personalized.

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Nick Price

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