5 Ways To Master “Marketing-As-A-Service” Platforms For Account-Based Marketing

By Madison Logic Team

How can you make account-based marketing suit your particular needs? Columnist Thomas Koletas outlines five ways to deliver the best possible results.

Account-based marketing — the practice of marketing to an individual or prospect as an audience of one — is gaining efficacy with the latest wave of targeted advertising because it enables reaching an ever-more-specific audience on a much larger scale.

When marketers leverage data and perform sophisticated analysis of this information, helping them choose where and how to focus their marketing dollars, campaigns become more relevant and engaged.

While this one-to-one account-based marketing has swiftly become the new gold standard of media transactions, especially in business-to-business applications, it’s still very much an evolving space, and we have yet to fully understand its potential for success or its possible areas of risk.

Here are five ways that marketers can make account-based marketing work to suit their unique needs, including how to adapt to an ever-changing environment while optimizing results.

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Madison Logic Team

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