5 Tips to Improve Email Deliverability – Part I

By Madison Logic Team

Email deliverability continues to be a challenge for publishers and in an effort to share best practices.Email deliverability continues to be a challenge for publishers and in an effort to share best practices, Madison Logic is sending you a three part series on deliverability tips. Part I is focused on easy to implement tips. This post is focused on technical aspects on deliverability. Our last will be any additional ideas that our publisher network has communicated. Please feel free to contact us for clarifications that we can provide to improve your deliverability.

(1.) Assume that your recipients will not see any images.

A few tweaks will ensure that your message is delivered to the inbox and viewable to the recipient, which will ultimately affect your sender score. Include plain text along with HTML to ensure your email is delivered. You can create a plain text, one line summary of the email content plus a call to action places at the top of the email (outside of the main image). This addition is helpful for email recipients to quickly discover the purpose of your email and take appropriate action. Add ‘view in web browser’ link to the header for ability to easily access images and links. Add alternate text to all images for recipients that cannot view images. Mobile screens are a prime example. This text addition will also encourage click-throughs to view the image.

(2.) Simplify Your Message

An unwieldy amount of images can trigger SPAM filters which can eventually hurt your reputation with ISP’s.

(3.) Remove Inactive Email Addresses

Inactive email addressed increase opt-outs, complaints and bounces. Too many of these can lead to your IP addresses potentially being blacklisted. You can assist this removal process by making the unsubscribe link clear and easy to see access.

(4.) Get Permission

This will make the biggest difference in your ability to deliver

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emails to the inbox. Make sure that the people you are emailing have the ability to opt out of future messaging with 1 click.

(5.) Nix Attachments

Do not include attachments, as spammers often do. Include links to any external documents or images to keep your emails light.

Part II of our Deliverability Guide will include technical tips to ensure that your messages are delivered. Stay Tuned.


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Madison Logic Team

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