175 Million Web Sites Still Running Windows Server 2003

By Nick Price


Windows 2003 support ended a month ago today, but there are still 175 million web servers – or about one in five – that still run the operating system. Plenty also run Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0, a version of Microsoft’s web server that has primitive security compared to its successors.

The 175 million number comes from Netcraft’s regular count of the world’s web servers. The company’s August survey found 874,408,576 sites running on 5,391,301 web-facing computers. Of those, the company is satisfied that 609,000 are running Windows Server 2003. And of those, 73 per cent are running IIS 6.0. Microsoft’s web server was completely re-written for version 7.0, which emerged with Windows Server 2008. Version 11 is due next year with Windows Server 2016.

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Nick Price

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