AG Gangadhar

AG Gangadhar | Director

AG was most recently the head of core engineering teams at Uber, where he was responsible for its overall technical strategy – and scaled the team from 40 to 700 engineers while building the entire executive and technical leadership team. With the help of his team, he built the technology foundation that helped the business scale from $8 billion to $40 billion in gross bookings, 800 thousand to 12 million daily trips while scaling to over 500 cities globally.

Prior to joining Uber, AG spent many years on Google’s core engineering executive team building out a portfolio of Google’s Cloud services. AG and his team were able to build a diverse array of cloud services used by a number of Fortune 500 enterprises, and bring in over $2 billion revenue annually. Early in his career, AG started the Cloud Database business at Amazon (AWS) and worked as a key engineer at Microsoft.