Madison Logic + LinkedIn

Madison Logic + LinkedIn

Global Multi-Channel ABM

Madison Logic and LinkedInTM are aligning to bring joint clients a global solution for account based marketers. Now, through the ML Platform, ABM marketers can prioritize their best accounts and engage them across content syndication, display advertising and LinkedIn.

Built for joint client success, this integration empowers LinkedIn and ML Platform users to further tie their marketing investments together, accurately measuring account based engagement throughout the entire revenue cycle. Align your sales and marketing teams better than ever before.

ML Platform with LinkedIn Engages and Accelerates

One Target Account List

Three Marketing Channels

One Unified Platform

Account Identification and Prioritization

Identify the right people at the best target accounts, integrated with your CRM and marketing automation platforms to dynamically manage one account list across three channels.

Multi-Channel Engagement and Measurement

Shorten sales cycles by influencing buying committees with aligned messaging across their paid media channels, and measure how multi-channel programs are increasing engagement with target accounts through a single unified measurement platform.

Advanced Optimization and Acceleration

Personalize and scale marketing messaging across all three channels at every stage of the funnel based on intent signals, account insights and buyer characteristics.

Activate Multi-Channel Account Engagement Data in CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

Influence account scoring and/or trigger personalized nurture email programs based on account engagement across dominant paid media channels.

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