Journey Acceleration

Journey AccelerationTM

Powered By The ML Data Cloud

Today’s marketers need to target and engage every stage of the buyer journey and reach more than just one key decision maker. By using Journey AccelerationTM, powered by the ML Cloud, marketers can reach multiple buyers with relevant content to achieve full-funnel messaging. The result? Pipeline acceleration and true marketing attribution. 


With Journey AccelerationTM, you start the acquisition process wherever you are in your ABM implementation. This usually begins with putting together a list of target accounts.

account-based marketing target account view

Account-based marketing integrations to Madison Logic


According to Gleanster Research, 50% of leads are qualified but aren’t immediately ready to buy. This means that you need to have in place a proper lead nurturing strategy that gets your target audience engaged with your brand and sales-ready.


Once you have warm leads that are ready to send to sales, it’s time to pass the baton. Prospects engaged with your content and know more about your product. In the acceleration stage, sales and product marketing put the pedal to the metal to drive or revive opportunities.

account-based marketing marketing automation integration


The customer journey doesn’t end at closed/won. It’s easy to assume that accounts are in cruise control, which is dangerous thinking and can lead to churn. This is where Customer Success and Customer Marketing teams step in to keep the engine running and your revenue stream growing.

Journey AccelerationTM can power automatic, dynamic messaging to more than just people in your sales pipeline. Content Downloads, registrants, and more. 


You provide your target account list, and we generate buyer audiences and insights based on individuals’ media engagement within these accounts.




You provide your target account list, and we help you pinpoint accounts that are actively researching solutions like yours.

Interested in doubling your sales conversion rate?*

*According to the Cost Savings And Business Benefits Of The Madison Logic Platform, The Total Economic ImpactTM Of Madison Logic commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, July 2019.