Finally achieve sales and marketing alignment and optimize conversions

Increase collaboration and create a seamless customer experience by establishing a common set of insights and metrics delivered in the systems your teams use every day. Give sales a higher level of confidence that their top accounts are actively engaged with your brand.

Activate your customer and prospect data to unlock sales opportunities

ActivateABMTM puts the data and insights from your CRM and marketing automation system to work by further engaging and identifying additional decision makers at your target accounts. Prioritize account selection by blending your data with the rich behavioral intent data inside of ActivateABMTM.

account-based marketing target account view

Journey optimization for account-based marketing

Align digital programs with the buyer journey

As your target accounts progress through your funnel, ActivateABMTM automatically moves buyers within those accounts to new digital programs, keeping media execution plans aligned in real time.

Provide sales with account intelligence directly through their CRM

Prepare sales to engage with their prospects by arming them with real time account engagement and research insights.

account-based marketing Salesforce integration

Account-based marketing intent monitoring trending topics

Triple conversion rates by reaching the right buyer with the right message

Knowing which key prospects are actively researching your solutions allows your sales team to focus their efforts on those prospects most likely to buy.

Experience tangible benefits by aligning sales and marketing through ActivateABMTM

  • Lower turnover in both sales and marketing teams
  • More engaged and productive sales development reps
  • Maximize revenue opportunities
  • A consistent and seamless customer experience throughout the entire buyer journey

We integrate with leading marketing technologies

Align your sales and marketing teams now