Speed conversions by continuously optimizing the buyer’s journey

B2B marketers face a big challenge in keeping buying committees engaged. ActivateABMTM continuously listens to your marketing automation and CRM systems and automatically moves buyers to new programs as they progress down the funnel, so you can take a more strategic approach to nurturing accounts.

Increase pipeline velocity

With Journey AccelerationTM you will deliver the right message to the right accounts at the right time. Your media execution plan stays aligned with your buyers in real time, across every marketing channel, enabling you to tailor content and brand message to every buyer stage.

Journey optimization for account-based marketing

Account-based marketing digital advertising reporting

Save valuable time with dynamic optimization

As a B2B marketer your time is best spent thinking of strategic solutions to real world problems for your business. Without any need to download reports, create pivot tables, and make manual adjustments, ActivateABMTM dynamic optimization puts hours back on your calendar.

Automate lead delivery to minimize processing time and start nurturing sooner

It is critical to engage with prospects as soon as they express interest in your content. Leads from your programs automatically pass into your marketing automation system for nurturing and on-site personalization. No more wasted time waiting for vendor reports and file uploads.

account-based marketing marketing automation integration

Account-based marketing intent monitoring trending topics

Leverage research trends, build hyper-relevant content, and align sales and marketing

ActivateABMTM provides your team with a real-time view of the topics that your prospects are researching, account by account. Build content and design creative based on these insights. Help your sales team frame conversations by understanding your prospects’ most pressing needs.

Tap into a network of experts to augment and accelerate your content creation

Need help creating the right content for your prospects? Madison Logic can produce content customized to your audience’s interests and buying stages. LEARN MORE

Account-based marketing content marketing services example

account-based marketing Salesforce integration

The insights your sales team needs to crush their quotas

Integration with Salesforce.com means that your sales team knows what their prospects are researching right now. Tailor each sales interaction with the right message to engage and convert their best prospects.

Madison Logic helps you convert target accounts faster, whether you’re just starting with account-based marketing or have deeply embedded ABM into your marketing practice.

Let Us Help You Optimize and Convert At Every Stage Of The Funnel