Measure what really matters with ABM engagement and attribution reporting

In order to ensure your success with account-based marketing and hit your revenue targets, you need to measure the combined impact of your marketing investments on each target account. ActivateABMTM provides cross-channel engagement with full-funnel attribution that’s designed specifically for account-based marketers.

Measure success using reach and account penetration metrics

Instantly identify the accounts that are engaging with your brand message through digital advertising in real time.  See a demonstrable impact on account engagement across all of your programs. Engagement throughout the entirety of the buying process is critical. ActivateABMTM delivers this engagement throughout all stages of the buyer journey.

Account-based marketing digital advertising reporting

account-based marketing attribution reporting with ActivateABM

Align advertising metrics with business goals to show pipeline impact

B2B marketers are being asked to show how their efforts are progressing prospects through the buyer journey. As ActivateABMTM moves accounts down the funnel you’ll see real time attribution metrics showing correlation between brand exposure time, research behavior and website visitation by each account.

Leverage real time research data to increase and accelerate conversions

Madison Logic tracks more than 3,300 B2B topics for you across millions of organizations globally.  Insight into research behaviors from your target accounts enables you to optimize both content strategy and program investment.  Share these insights with sales to help them more effectively engage and convert their prospects.

Account-based marketing intent monitoring trending topics


With ActivateABMTM, you have the data you need to prove the effectiveness of account-based marketing programs and show how they’re delivering real ROI.

Interested in tripling your conversions to MQA?*

*According to the Cost Savings And Business Benefits Of The Madison Logic Platform, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Madison Logic commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, July 2019.