Account Based Marketing



 Identify all the b2b influencers within your target list, every company currently in-market, and the topics they are researching.



Develop influential marketing content to drive the highest level of engagement.



Engage with influencers and decision makers, at every stage of the buying process, with lead generation and display advertising programs at scale.



Gain access to real-time analytics and insights, with account level attribution and engagement metrics, to power all your marketing channels.

With Activate ABM™ you can leverage our proprietary data across premium B2B media for your lead generation and targeted advertising programs.

Named Accounts

Activate ABM™ delivers maximum scale and reach across key decision makers & influencers at your target accounts.

Prioritized Accounts

Create more effective programs with multiple nurturing tracks by identifying which of your target accounts are in-market for your products.

Surging Accounts

Capitalize on market trends to discover the surging accounts that are not on your target list.


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Identifying Your Audience


Today, a prospective customer is 70% through the decision-making process before they even reach out to a salesperson. Your company needs to be in front of your prospects as early in the process as possible.

Madison Logic’s proprietary data-driven platform understands which companies and individuals are actively engaged in research, enabling you to deliver your messaging directly to the right audiences, at the right time.


Our ability to unify multiple proprietary and third-party data sources, leveraged against multiple media channels, creates a powerful advantage for your lead generation programs.


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Reporting and Analytics


Madison Logic has the industry’s most advanced real-time analytics platform for Account Based Marketing.


Account level attribution and engagement lets marketers optimize your targeting and content strategy, in real-time:


  • Recognize the most effective assets
  • Identify the most engaged accounts
  • Discover the most relevant topics at your target accounts