Put the Power of ABM in Your Hands

Introducing Madison Logic’s ActivateABM Direct™, a self-service account-based marketing (ABM) platform that allows B2B Marketers to:

  • Accelerate Pipeline
  • Shorten Sales Cycles
  • Convert Accounts Faster
  • ActivateABM™ Direct’s simple, easy-to-use interface enables you to build and execute comprehensive ABM programs that unify content syndication and digital advertising.  Through its seamless integration with Marketo, you can now dynamically reach, engage and influence your target accounts

For years, the largest and most innovative global companies have leveraged ActivateABM™ to:

  • Identify the right people at the target accounts actively researching their solutions
  • Engage those prospects when it matters most through content syndication and digital advertising
  • Measure the effectiveness of ABM programs to show how they’re delivering real ROI
  • Align marketing and sales teams by sharing account-level insights


Now, with the power of ActivateABM™ Direct and Marketo, B2B marketers at companies of any size can instantly nurture their target accounts and optimize the buyer journey.


“Working together, Marketo, Bizible & Madison Logic can make the B2B Marketer
the driving force for growth and change in the enterprise”
-Steve Lucas, CEO, Marketo


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