Confessions of an Ad-blocker

Madison Logic asked a Millennial why he uses an ad-blocker. And he told us.


One Question With… Vin Turk: The Decline of SEO & CRM

Recent studies show that content marketing will figure most into 2016 marketing budgets while SEO and CRM will see serious...

How ABM Gets Rid of the Clutter

How ABM Gets Rid of the Clutter

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Using Intent Data To Enhance Account-Based Marketing

Madison Logic, a provider of B2B digital brand and demand solutions, has identified a pattern among “in-market” prospects that reveals...


Account-Based Marketing In the Age of Big Data

Account-based marketing (ABM), or the business practice of focusing the bulk of marketing resources on a short list of the...


One Question With… Sonjoy Ganguly (SVP, Product Management)

According to a report by SiriusDecisions, more than 60 percent of companies plan to invest in technology for ABM over...

Customer Journey

Madison Logic Webinar: Intent is Everything – The Customer Journey

Lori Wizdo of Forrester Research discusses how marketing has changed and why b2b marketers must understand how to reach their...

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EXPERT WEBINAR SERIES: Intent is Everything Q&A Session


Going Global: The International Language Of Intent Data

ARTICLE HIGHLIGHTS: Digital marketing today is all about engagement vs. reach, and data is the key to engaging users anytime,...


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