Madison Logic is the Only Data-Driven Full Funnel B2B Solution, Powered by Intent

Madison Logic is the largest provider of full funnel marketing solutions for 1,000+ of the world’s leading B2B brands. Our intent data fuels our ability to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

Madison Logic Awareness campaigns are served across the best B2B private network in the world for brand advertisers to reach and engage their audience. Through high-impact native solutions delivered across devices, our advertisers have the best opportunity to deliver their message in a trusted environment for the best results. Leveraging our demographic, firmographic and Intent Data across this suite of publishers allows us to hone in on the business decision makers in an efficient and effective way.

The company’s Demand Generation technology provides intelligent lead cultivation, nurturing and monetization that ensures B2B brands are able to maximize the value of the prospects they generate from the point of acquisition into loyal customers.

Madison Logic’s LeadFocus™ Technology empowers Publishers to more efficiently monetize their businesses with Intent Data, generating revenue by the monetization of their database through lead generation and display campaigns.
Today, more than 600 of the top B2B brands depend on Madison Logic to maximize the reach, efficiency, effectiveness, engagement and insights delivered by their campaigns. The company maintains long-term partnerships with a highly refined base of 450 premium B2B publishers, who rely on Madison Logic to help them drive audience growth and greater revenue.

Global brands such as Dell, IBM and SAP partner with Madison Logic to generate, nurture and engage leads, then secure additional insights needed to transform their prospects into long-term customers. Premium publishers such as Haymarket Media most often work with Madison Logic to automate and monetize marketing assets over multiple integration points, and gain additional functionality for campaign management, lead management and reporting that can be easily exported into marketing automation systems.

Media Mentions

December 17th, 2014


What North America is Saying: 21 Experts on Marketing in 2015
It's not easy to determine which direction performance marketing will take next year. To get a new perspective, we asked 21 experts from a variety of North American companies what they expect will be the biggest industry developments in 2015. Featuring Madison Logic CEO, Tom O'Regan and Madison Logic Data CEO, Erik Matlick.
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December 15th, 2014


Boost Conversions and Revenue With Effective Lead Generation [Infographic]
By Thomas Koletas, SVP of Advertising Sales at Madison Logic. Among the top priorities of any B2B organization is lead generation, but there is a big difference between generating leads and generating leads that actually convert to customers and revenue. There is enormous disparity among B2B companies when it comes to lead generation practices; many waste money on unqualified leads or fail to nurture the qualified ones, and a shockingly large number have not even identified their sales funnel.
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December 2nd, 2014


What's It Going to Be: Big Data or Small Data?
According to a paper by Erik Matlick, Chief Executive Officer at Madison Logic Data, digital marketers in both the B2B and B2C spaces have been scrambling for years to get access to more and more data (Big Data) about their customers and prospects, yet many are ill-equipped to make use of that data to the extent of its capabilities.
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November 20th, 2014


2015 Will Be The Year Of Big Data For B2B Marketers
Erik Matlick, Chairman of Madison Logic and CEO of Madison Logic Data shares his predictions about Big Data for the upcoming year.
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November 17th, 2014


INside the Boardroom US: Erik Matlick, CEO at Madison Logic Data
Erik Matlick, Chairman of Madison Logic and CEO of Madison Logic Data describes the overarching differences between B2B and B2C marketing in today's world, and the power of intent data.
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November 4th, 2014


Madison Logic Launches New Data Company With CEO Erik Matlick at the Helm
Madison Logic, the premier provider of intent data solutions for B2B marketers and publishers, today announced the launch of Madison Logic Data, a sister company created from Madison Logic’s highly successful intent data business.
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November 3rd, 2014


Business-to-Business Ad Targeting Firm Madison Logic Installs New CEO
The business-to-business ad targeting firm Madison Logic has a new CEO as the company plans to spin off its data business.
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October 27th, 2014


iMedia Connection Digital Dispatch
Madison Logic, a provider of intent data solutions for B2B marketers and publishers, announced an exclusive partnership with Oracle's Data as a Service for Marketing.
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October 22nd, 2014


Oracle Marketing Cloud Updates Aim To Improve Customer Experience, Campaign Management
Oracle has partnered with Madison Logic in an effort to bring additional B2B audience dataset on 100M+ anonymous business profiles to the Oracle Data Management Platform.
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August 4th, 2014


LinkedIn’s Powered-Up Media Platform Spells End To Bizo’s Standalone Data Business
Madison Logic CEO Erik Matlick weights in on LinkedIn's recent acquisition of Bizo, and the impact that it will have on the marketing/data industry.
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July 21st, 2014


Tracking Intent Data Across Channels For B2B Marketers
Savvy digital marketers have learned that by now, when it comes to boosting results and efficiency, you can’t beat intent data for the ability to reach and engage users who are “in market.”
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April 30th, 2014


The B2B Buyer's Journey [Infographic]
Many of the tenets and technologies of digital marketing are the same whether you’re in the B2B or B2C space. But the B2B customer is extremely different from the B2C customer, and the B2B purchase journey from consideration to purchase is a bit more complex. To ensure you’re maximizing your opportunities to reach and engage your B2B prospects, it’s important to understand each stage of the buyer’s journey, the influencers involved and how best to engage them at each touch point.
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April 30th, 2014


The True Cost of a Lead [Infographic]
Lead generation is among the chief priorities for marketing teams at any B2B organization. A great deal of time and money is spent seeking out the initial pool of potential customers—those most likely to be interested in or in need of your organization’s offerings. Pre-qualifying customers is designed to make campaigns more efficient and more effective, but how much does a lead really cost in relation to the potential return? Here’s a breakdown:
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April 30th, 2014


Lead Nurturing: How intent data lifted a B2B email campaign's CTR 248% and forwarding rate more than 400% [Case Study]
Computer software company TeamQuest Corporation had previously invested in marketing automation, but wasn't experiencing the fruitful results it anticipated. To shake things up, the company began utilizing intent data to better target its prospects. Discover how TeamQuest's first email effort to test the technology resulted in a 248% lift in clickthrough and a more than 400% increase in forwarding rate.
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May 8th, 2014


The New Path of the B2B Buyer's Journey
Intent, which tells you who, how, and when to target, is a common thread on the customer journey. As marketing technology has evolved, we've learned to rethink the sales-funnel model of B2B marketing and CRM—treating the customer lifecycle as an ongoing journey rather than as a process that has a single goal in mind. However, we still have a ways to go when it comes to maximizing the methods in which we engage with our customers along that journey.
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April 30th, 2014


Finally, A Credible Way To Decipher Customer Intent
Customer intent is such a loaded phrase. Figuring out your prospects’ intentions or the purpose of their actions is like finding a flashlight in a mine. If you have it, you can quickly figure out what your next step should be. Without it you’ll keep stumbling along in the dark.
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April 8th, 2014


NAI Member Viewpoint: Madison Logic
An Interview with Erik Matlick, Chief Executive Officer, Madison Logic | April 8th, 2014
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April 4th, 2014


CEO at MadisonLogic - Shares Insights
Our ‘Profile: A Day in the Life of’ feature takes a look at some of the global professionals working across performance marketing. It aims to shed light on the varying roles and companies across the flourishing industry.
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April 3rd, 2014


2+2=5: Madiosn Logic + Marketing Made Simple TV
That’s an unbeatable combination for B2B companies today. Combine the awesome branding and PR power of a very popular syndicated show like Marketing Made Simple TV. Sprinkle on the power of the largest B2B lead generation company in the USA. That is an unbeatable combination.
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April 1st, 2014


Why Businesses Need to Embrace Content Consumption Monitoring
In recent years, B2B marketers have redefined the customer lifecycle as an ongoing journey, replacing the funnel with a model that better illustrates the importance of drip marketing. The concept of drip marketing as a lead nurturing technique is not new, but what it looks like in the modern B2B space has evolved.
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April 1st, 2014


7 Ways to Improve Email Subject Lines (and a Sneaky Way to Test)
Subject lines are powerful elements of email campaigns. But that’s not really surprising. Subject lines are basically the headlines of an email message. Headlines are something writers and editors agonize over, and for good reason. Copywriter coach Chris Marlow writes “tests have proven many times that the headline is responsible for at least 50 percent and as much as 75 percent of an ad’s success.” Some sources report that 35 percent of email subscribers will open an email based on the subject line alone, which almost seems low compared to the headline statistic.
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March 29th, 2014


10 Email Best Practices [Infogrpahic]
Some 122,500,453,020 emails are sent every hour, so marketers must master the art of getting their email seen in a crowded inbox. The following tips from Madison Logic's infographic features 10 best-practices that can get your emails noticed.
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March 25th, 2014


Number of NoSQL options grows
NoSQL databases continue to proliferate as the demand for Big Data solutions grows. While relational databases aren’t going away anytime soon, different data models require different types of solutions. As a result, several types of NoSQL databases have emerged, each with its own pros and cons.
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March 25th, 2014


In Lead Gen, Sometimes Broader is Better
Today’s marketers are laser-focused on targeting. It makes sense — the idea of picking out who is most likely to buy your product is the ideal situation. In the all-you-can-eat data buffet, reaching our audience and only our audience is relatively easy, and it has become the definition of efficiency.
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March 5th, 2014


4 Important Lessons B2B Marketers Learned In 2013
2013 was an exciting year in the digital marketing world as a whole and in the B2B space in particular. This was the year that automation truly came to the forefront as a vital element of media buying and selling, and it became inarguably clear that big data is here to stay. And, while accurate targeting remains a paramount concern for B2B marketers, in the age of big data, the way we target audiences and drive engagement has begun to shift.
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February 27th, 2014


The Digital Dispatch: iMedia Connection
Madison Logic announced that it has entered a partnership with BNZSA, which will help deliver Madison Logic's Content Consumption Monitoring Program (CCM) and Email Segment Builder B2B solutions in France.
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February 18th, 2014


Break on through to the Other Side: Logic for b2b Sales Success
In a business environment where content marketing rules and the opportunities to purchase a white paper, attend a webinar or subscribe to a new service come fast and furious at prospective buyers, b2b publishers need a leg up like never before. New research from New York-based Madison Logic points to several key trends in a "new world order" where a strong brand opens doors, and spot-on targeting allows you walk in.
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January 9th, 2014


Understanding the Power of Intent Data in B2B Marketing
Madison Logic CEO Erik Matlick speaks towards the importance of Intent Data for today's B2B marketers.
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December 13th, 2013


Intent Data: Premium Fuel for Marketing Automation
Marketing automation has helped brands make incredible strides in B2B marketing. The aim of automated marketing is to create, track and optimize campaigns, allowing marketers to generate leads and guide these prospects swiftly and efficiently through the sales funnel. While automation platforms once relied heavily on email, they are now becoming truly multi-channel and multi-screen tools. However, marketing automation platforms are not a silver bullet solution.
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December 12th, 2013


Infographic: B2B Content Tug of War
Today, Madison Logic, the premier provider of intent data solutions for B2B marketers and publishers, issued an infographic that depicts best practices for B2B content optimization.
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December 1st, 2013


Madison Logic’s CEO Erik Matlick on Leveraging Intent Data
Erik Matlick is CEO of Madison Logic, the premier provider of intent data solutions for 1,000+ of the world’s leading B2B marketers and publishers. Madison Logic just became the largest aggregator of B2B intent data with 40 million user interactions per month. The company also announced two brand new product launches. The Makegood spoke with Erik regarding Madison Logic’s rise to power and the new products on the way.
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November 5th, 2013


How To Keep Leads From Getting Stuck In The Middle Of The Sales Funnel
Did you know that a whopping 79 percent of leads never convert? 79 percent! That is 4/5ths of your potential revenue down the drain. All that money and effort spent generating those leads? Also down the drain. That should be a wakeup call: the industry at large needs to reexamine how it approaches lead generation to reduce that waste and boost actual conversions.
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October 3rd, 2013


Madison Logic Introduces Two Products for Nurturing Audiences
Madison Logic, the top provider of data powered lead solutions for enterprises and media companies, today introduces two new products for marketers and sales people for analyzing buyer intent behavior, pushing the data into marketing automation systems and CRM systems and then targeting prospects with multi-touch marketing tools.
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September 26th, 2013


Erik Matlick on the Importance of Content Monitoring
Erik Matlick, CEO of Madison Logic, talks with Allvoices at Advertising Week about B2B marketing and why content monitoring is so essential in reaching target audiences.
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September 17th, 2013


Effective Metrics Use Isn’t All About the Numbers
Madison Logic CTO, Mark Herschberg, was recently quoted in an article at SmartBear.com
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August 21st, 2013


Madison Logic Selected for Inc. Magazine's Fastest Growing Private Companies
Inc. magazine today ranked Madison Logic, premier provider of intent data solutions for 1,000+ of the world’s leading B2B marketers and publishers, No. 1295 on its seventh annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies..
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Press Releases


Business Information & Media Summit, November 9th 2014

Madison Logic chairmain Erik Matlick, and Co-Founder Vin Turk will be featured speakers at the inaugural Business Information & Media Summit in Miami Beach, Florida.

Register here.

Advertising Week, September 24, 2013

Advertising Week is the world’s premier annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders each year in New York City.

REVTalks: The Revenue Marketing Summit, January 27th 2014

Madison Logic is proud to announce their sponsorship of the upcoming REVTalks conference.

Register here.

Advertising Week, September 24, 2013

Advertising Week is the world’s premier annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders each year in New York City.

With more than 200 distinct events, The Week is a hybrid of thought leadership Seminars featuring the industry’s best and brightest and engaging special events which galvanize targeted constituencies. Spawned from creative roots in 2004, Advertising Week now draws from the client, media and broader cultural communities with a laser focus on key business drivers which shape and influence the global industry.

CEO Erik Matlick demonstrated Madison Logic’s Email Segment Builder at AWE 2013. Watch the video here.

NYC Uncubed, May 17, 2013

Uncubed is the most exciting recruiting event in the country and this May we’re gathering up NY’s most promising companies and mashing them together with a smart group of attendees (students, grads & experienced talent alike).


Walkabout NYC, May 17, 2013

WalkaboutNYC is a behind-the-scenes look at the people and places fueling our creative, technological, and entrepreneurial culture in New York City. Our events invite the world into the workspaces of NYC’s innovative companies to see how they work.

ABM Conference, April 28, 2013

To enhance the knowledge and best practices of leading media companies that provide quality information for business and professional markets worldwide.

NY Tech Day, April 25, 2013

NY Tech Day is a massive science fair for entrepreneurs to exhibit their start-ups to thousands of consumers, investors, first adopters, job-seekers, major companies, press and media.

Content2Conversion, April 22 & 23, 2013

Content2Conversion is the only event of its kind that caters exclusively to this audience, speaking the language of lead nurturing, buyer stages, personas and campaign best practices.

East Coast Startup Summit – Princeton, April 19, 2013

A conference bringing students from dozens of universities across the country around the wave of entrepreneurial expansion that is hitting the east coast.

Petsky Prunier Spring Spotlight Dinner, April 9, 2013

Petsky Prunier is one of the leading investment banks in the technology, media, marketing, eCommerce, and healthcare industries. Petsky Prunier will present its Spring 2013 Spotlight Dinner in San Francisco.

Inbound Marketing Summit, April 3 & 4, 2013

Inbound Marketing Summit is the event that brings together CMOs, business leaders, agency execs and their teams, awesome keynotes, expert panels, plus solutions providers & their tools, all in a dynamic, community-based setting.

Association of Online Publishers (AOP) B2B Media & Marketing Conference, March 12, 2013

Madison LogicΓÇÖs CEO Erik Matlick said that too often the lead generation process was a one-dimension one-channel process that took too long. Given that data quality is perishable, lead generation should be a multi-touch nurturing process.